You Never Stop Learning

J Philip Faranda January 3, 2011

This is a photo I took of a recent brokers and managers meeting the Westchester-Putnam Association of REALTORS held to bring us up on the recent changes to real estate laws and how that affected our responsibilities to our clients. 

Association President Leah Caro discusses fiduciary responsibilities

The quality of the snapshot isn't good because I thought it would be a tad obnoxious to use my flash in the session. It was a packed house. When I got into the business in 1996, I was a fly on the wall for manager and owner meetings on a few occasions. Their tone was that of a social gathering; nothing to criticize, but it was not like it is today. What I saw in this meeting was all business about making sure the P's and Q's of our conduct were kosher. There was plenty of collegiality, but it seemed to take a backseat to mastering the subject matter and understanding the changes to the law. 

The presenters, including WPAR President Leah Caro, gave an energetic, engaged, and connected multi media presentation and interacted with us to make sure all questions were answered. They stayed after to make sure no one went home without being complete. We have excellent leadership. 

I have to say that the clients of Westchester and Putnam Association brokerages should rightly expect exemplary conduct from our members. More importantly, the brokers and owners expect the same from themselves. The consumer wins. 

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