You Know Real Estate Has Crashed When…

J Philip Faranda February 3, 2009

You Know Real Estate Has Crashed When...

  • You forget how miserable 2006 was and instead think of it as the Good Old Days.
  • You have a price reduction form available to clients as a "fax-on-demand."
  • The customer service number for a referral company you attempt to register with is now a chat line.
  • A competitor's website redirects to their Amway business.
  • When you tell a stranger at a cocktail party you are a broker they give you a hug.
  • The next day they bring a casserole to your house.
  • You no longer have to explain to anyone what a short sale is.
  • You no longer have to explain to anyone what a BPO is.
  • You laugh at an appraiser when they use comps from 6 months ago. 
  • You notice how generous commissions have gotten.
  • Mainly because the sellers are banks.
  • Half the expired listings you find aren't prospects because the seller is a bank. 
  • You hate banks.
  • Your wife asks you why you shake your head anytime you hear the word "Countrywide."
  • You get more spam about second income opportunities.
  • You read it.
  • When a prospective listing says what they paid for the house you mentally start subtracting.
  • When an overpriced client tells you that this will all be sorted out by the Spring you tell him to shut his pie hole.
  • You get startled when your cell phone rings.
  • You are disappointed when it is a social call.  
  • You have more time to blog.
  • You have more time, period.

and the best one...

  • The only agents left are the professionals like US.

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