J Philip Faranda March 13, 2011

I was invited by the Larchmont Rotary Club to speak on real estate this past Friday. It was a cool experience. I was unaware of the Rotary and the good work they do, but that, along with lunch, was a cool fringe benefit. And they gave me a pen. 

Not long ago I blogged about speaking at another brokerage's "lunch and learn," which is something I have now done twice. It might seem counter intuitive to train the competition, but it has other good outcomes: good relations with cooperating firms and raising the bar in the industry, to name two. In May I am going to speak before the Monmouth County Women's Council of Realtors, so I guess my speaking schedule is growing. 

For the rotary, I wasn't in front of licensees, I was actually addressing consumers. My material dealt with selling your home in the current slump. One gratifying thing: among my small audience were two former clients. One had a successful closing. The other, a builder, never sold. I acknowledged this, and he graciously said I did a good job anyway. I loved that. 

Anyway, I'll continue speaking, and if you want to hear me yap to your group, my contact information is all over my sidebar. And you don't need to feed me or shower me with gifts! 

Snazzy pen they gave me for my hot air

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