J Philip Faranda February 26, 2010

Wow. Westchester County and the surrounding areas are buried with snow. There must be 2 feet of the stuff outside in my yard. What's more, the trees are FULL of the stuff, as if it were glued to them. It is creating a scene like none I can recall. Briarcliff Manor DPW has been by plowing the roads all day. They have to be exhausted.

The 15 foot hedge in my back year is now bent over the 5 foot wood pile, completely obscuring it to the naked eye. Do you see any firewood in this photo below? I don't.

 View of my Rear Yard

Tree branches that were 8 feet above the ground are now touching it.

Tree branches weighed down by snow

My neighbor's evergreen limbs could not stand the weight of snow and ice- at least 6 fell to the ground with loud cracks we heard inside our home. They must weigh hundreds of pounds, because our fence us smashed in at least 2 places. Other parts of the fence appear to have "hedges" bordering them that weren't there yesterday. Those are near fallen limbs too.

Fallen limbs

Still, we are dug out. The cleared out front walk gives perspective.

Deep snow in Briarcliff

Hey! If I'm dug out that means I'm open for business. But you can search for homes nice and warm with a free Listingbook account until you are ready to get out and look.

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