Triple Play, December 6 2011. Active Rain Meetup Tues 6pm Toga Bar, Caesar’s

J Philip Faranda December 5, 2011

Hi all, for those of you who are in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and are planning on going to Triple Play, I'd love to catch up in person. I blogged about it earlier, and I know it is pandemonium when you get there, but let's carve out some time in the rain. 

NY, NJ and PA Rainers: How About a Triple Play Meetup? 

Raincamp earlier this year had a great after party at Toga Bar at Caesar's. If we meet at 6pm we'll avoid the craziness that starts when music and dancing commence at 10pm and actually hear each other talk. My cell phone is (914) 450-8883 . Anne Costello is also on board, so reach out to either of us. I've created a Facebook event for the meetup also.

Text or email me anytime. 

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