The 1955 Open Permit

J Philip Faranda October 9, 2009

In 1955, Dwight Eisenhower was president, the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, and there were 48 states in the Union. My parents were married only 5 years, and just 2 of their 4 sons were born. I wasn't on the scene until 1967. 

In 2009, Dwight Eisenhower is gone 40 years. The Dodgers have been out of Brooklyn for over 50. Ann and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary on what would have been my parents' 59th, and we've had 50 states in the USA for 51 years.  

One of my listings pending sale had a closing delayed recently because the title report indicated an open permit...this does happen sometimes. But what us unique is that the open permit is from 1955. Yes, in 1955 the then-owner of this house had work done requiring a permit around the time my father was still trying to figure out Mom (he never really did).  

The current owner bought the house in the 80's, so there was at least one transaction where this obscure, open permit slipped through the cracks. Until now. Evidently, in 1955, the then owner of this home had the heating system re-done, and even that furnace is long since gone. The process here is that the work on an open permit has to be reinspected by the building department so the permit can be closed and the title declared ship shape. My client wisely decided to have a heating specialist take a look at the heating system prior to the building inspector, and the contractor did see one small thing that needed to be done to close the issue. 

It would have already been done and the deal closed by now, but there was one small delay, and you can't make this stuff up. He couldn't make the repair right away. It required a permit!


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