We would not be in our home if it were not for Phil; this is not hyperbole, nor cliche.

We would not be in our home if it were not for Phil. This is not hyperbole, nor cliche. I say with absolute conviction that it is not possible for this simple review to adequately convey my esteem for Phil and his firm.

The amount of work and dedication Phil put in was exemplary. We were first time home buyers, and buying a short sale from homeowners with a double mortgage and an uncooperative and unresponsive seller’s attorney. Phil handled the entire process admirably. We were buying a very modest house in Orange Co., but treated as if we were family members buying a million dollar home. He did more than get a difficult job done; he did it while keeping our sanity intact. He functioned as realtor, friend, and therapist whenever we needed it.

I will simply say that we owe Phil a debt of gratitude for the work that he did. J. Philip Real Estate is the absolute best place that you’re going to find, and I would stake my house on it.

Mike Gulley