Snow, Snow Go Away!

J Philip Faranda January 31, 2011

How much snow do we have? Today I held a house open which was under contract and vacant, so we didn't have it plowed until this morning. Yesterday, I had to go inside prior to the clearing. The driveway entrance had a mound about 4 feet high and 5 feet deep-completely impossible to use. So, I had to walk through the front yard-the snow up to my inseam at the street and almost to my knees in the yard. 

I took a photo of the front walk after the driveway and paths were cleared. 


I would say that there is, conservatively about 18 inches of snow there. I was glad not to have snow in my boots this time around because...the house is winterized and there was no heat! 

The weather report is for another blizzard this week. I have never seen this much snow in New York in my entire life. 

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