Short Sales

CDPESolidLogoA Short Sale occurs when a lender accepts less than what is owed on a mortgage as payment in full when a homes value falls beneath the mortgage balance. We have closed dozens of short sales and saved our clients from foreclosure, deficiency judgement, and bankruptcy. Our short sale clients are able to dispense with their home with dignity, under their own terms, instead of eviction or repossession.

Being “underwater,” behind on your payments, and dealing with collectors and legal notices is among the most stressful things a person can endure. The uncertainty of not knowing what will happen, the damage to your credit, and the fear of losing your home can be crippling. When the economy declined in 2008 and 2009, legions of people found themselves in this position through no fault of their own. They didn’t take out a risky, exotic mortgage. They didn’t borrow irresponsibly. They simply found themselves in a situation where they needed to sell but didn’t have the equity to cover their expenses or pay off their loan. Areas of Westchester and the New York metropolitan area lost 20-30% of value from the peak (sometimes more) and people who never did a thing wrong were caught in the undertow.

That’s where we come in. We are proud of our record in helping our short sale clients get out from under their mortgages and get started on the road to a fresh start. We have a team of attorneys on speed dial that have helped stop foreclosures and negotiated settlements with the lenders where our seller clients did not end up owing any money. We have accompanied our clients to settlement conferences at the courthouse in three counties and counting. And if there is a way to help you too, we’ll find it.

Contact us today and get back in control of your life. For more information, log onto our short sale resource page.