Rye Playland: Westchester County’s Amusement Park

J Philip Faranda September 14, 2011

Labor Day is past us and school has begun. So I'll rub it in a little and show you a cool photo essay of Rye Playland, Westchester County's revered amusement park and home of a million happy memories. 

Welcome to Playland

As the sign says, Playland has been open since 1928. It is the only county-run amusement park in the USA, and it is in Rye, New York right on the Long Island Sound. Due to its age and layout, there is a distinctive old-time carnival theme to the place, with a central promenade lined by food and games, with rides and attractions fanning out throughout the park. In the center at the end of the promenade is a stage for performances, and on the other end is a beach and ice casino, where the New York Rangers have their practice facility. 

Central promenade

Playland Lake is a manmade lake where you can take boat rides or rent a paddle boat. You can't swim in it, but the beach at the end of the park is there if you you want to get wet. 

Playland Lake

The Dragon Coaster is a landmark, and one of the few wooden roller coasters in existence. It was conceived as a rival to the Coney Island Roller Coaster, the Cyclone. 

Dragon Coaster

The Gondola Wheel is not for people with Vertigo. You are over the tree tops and at the apex you can see Long Island. I would eat *after* this, not before, but that's just me. 

Gondola Wheel

Another New York institution, Nathan's Hotdogs. I love the "WC" on the building facade, which of course stands for Westchester County. Of course, local favorite Carvel Ice Cream is also close by. 

Nathan's Hotdogs Carvel. Yum

Rye Playland Merry go round

Rye Playland boat ride

Cotton Candy


Plyaland has a tremendous amount of arcades, kiddie rides, water rides, and places to sit and relax. Of course, traditional rides like bumper cars are all there also. It is very clean, and the layout is easy to follow. We went there in August and paid about $25 each for all day passes. It was well worth it and the kids had a blast. 

Playland is a very special place, and it is one of the things that makes Westchester County one of the very best places in the world to live. I love that I am fortunate enough to work and raise my family here. 

You should be here too! Get a free Listingbook account and find a home driving distance from Playland and you'll know what I mean. 



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