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J Philip Faranda July 24, 2011

Today I came home to the usual flurry email requests for feedback for a full afternoon of showings homes to a great buyer client. I'm not the biggest fan of feedback for reasons posted before, but this afternoon I was more forthcoming. The following are my responses to feedback requests that I really did send. See if you can guess which house is the front runner, or if any of the feedback told the agent something they didn't already know. 

  1. Showed well, but there was some concern about the shower in the former bedroom closet, the illegal bathroom, and the price. 
  2. There was doubt that the client would be able to fit her car in the altered garage without surgical precision and petroleum jelly. The vast brick facade (a school gym is directly across the street) dominating the front view was a deal killer. 
  3. Client felt that house was considerably overpriced for the condition.
  4. Thanks for the showing. 
  5. Would have been far more comfortable if owner's wife was out of the shower when he showed us the bathroom and asked her to keep curtain closed. 
  6. Nice home, but the automat-styled kitchen was a bit too much to take on.
  7. Not bad, just wondering if there was a way to gain access to rear yard? We couldn't do much better than see from upstairs. Does the owner collect/make crucifixes? Client was wondering. 

There you have it folks. Most of this stuff was obvious, and much of the "revelations" were just poor client education. We don't want to see the woner's wife in the shower. It would be actually nice to walk in the back yard. I am sure tha agent knows that the school towers over the listing and that the "garage" was best used for a mini. 

Now I'll count the hours from the calls from the listing agents to tell me why 20+ religious artifacts is a room in great staging, how 3/4 of a garage is good for hand/eye coordination drills, and an expensive kitchen renovation in 50's diner style is really neat-o, which will move my client not a millimeter. The time to scramble is not after we see the home, it is before the showing. 

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