Ossining Real Estate Market April 2010

J Philip Faranda April 14, 2010

Ossining can mean many things- it can refer to the Village of Ossining, the Town of Ossining, or an Ossining delivery address in the town of New Castle or Yorktown. In the market data I am referring to, it will mean all properties in the Ossining school district, which is pretty much all of the above. All data is taken from the Westchester-Putnam Multiple Listing Service for the past 180 days market activity for single family homes only. 

83 homes sold in Ossining in the past 180 days at a median sales price of $445,000.  

24 homes are currently pending sale or under contract at a median asking price of $439,111. 

145 homes are active and available. Median asking price: $469,222. There is just under a year's worth of inventory available for sale, which is actually less than many other places we've checked out. That still makes it a buyer's market, but not so out of balance as other locales. 

Linden Avenue

As you can see from the prices, Ossining is a fantastic place for starter homes. Taxes are on the high side, but the prices are very affordable for Westchester County. BY the way, I know a fantastic, superb, fabulous, amazingly good REALTOR who is from Ossining and he knows the place like the back of his hand. 


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