Operating Short Handed

J Philip Faranda May 14, 2010

As I type this, the chief financial officer and administrator of the company is on a plane to Korea. This leaves me without a better half as well, and the kids with an ill-equipped Mr. Mom. Every company worth its salt really has 2 things: marketing (my department, sometimes referred to as the hot air) and administration. Product with no organization is a one-legged table. And don't get me started on the 4 little ones. 

I didn't need this to happen to appreciate what Ann does on a day to day basis, believe me. I have a front row seat. 

Now I'm on her playing field. Someone taser me. 

In all seriousness, there is opportunity here. I hope that Ann can return next week somewhat rested, although flying halfway round the planet twice in 7 days and burying one's father isn't Club Med. I also hope this makes me better. I've got help day to day; Aunt Tiffany has done yeoman's work, we have the 2 oldest at Uncle Tom and Aunt Brigid's, and our babysitter is here. Getting things done on the business front means there is no net underneath this wire. Ann isn't there to intercept an urgent email or call, and people still need our help the way they always have- the clients know no emergency but their own.

So I am bringing my A-game this next 7 days, clearing things off the table as soon as they arise so that nothing is left undone or incomplete. Luke has first communion tomorrow; deals need to be done, transactions need to be guided. My commitment is to have nothing left in the tank when Mom/Ann/CFO returns, and for the children to be glad to see her again, but only because she was absent. If I do that we'll be OK. I also stand for Ann missing us, clearing her thoughts, saying goodbye to her father in as dignified a way as possible, and for all of us to have a huge group hug Friday night. It would be nice if next Saturday was like any other. 

Phil Ann

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