On Membership in Westchester Real Estate, Inc.

J Philip Faranda July 1, 2012

After I started the firm, began to transact business and became aware of who was who in the Westchester real estate market, I became aware of an entity known as Westchester Real Estate, Inc. After meeting some member brokers and seeing the familiar gazebo logo, I logged onto their website and read the following on the "about" section:
Westchester Real Estate, Inc. is a consortium of the most prestigious, reputable, independently-owned real estate firms in the northern suburbs of New York City, with affiliations throughout the entire NY metro area and beyond.  Our unique affiliation means you are connected with the best...the best companies, the best agents, the best service. We selectively choose our member companies based on absolute professionalism, unwavering ethical standards, significant market share, and dedication to outstanding customer service. 
In perusing the member companies, it was almost intimidating. Multi generational, well established  firms opened for decades seemed to be the profile of the typical member firm. There I sat in my home office (my parents' old bedroom) with a $50 used fax and tiny handful of agents. Someday... Over the years I did business with virtually all the member firms, and in every single transaction I was dealing with a professional. Today, July 1, 2012 is our first day of official membership in the consortium. "Someday" is today. Obviously, the mission remains to always do a great job for our clients, or this loses its meaning. I'll refrain from more blathering, suffice to say that this is one of the few times I'll say publicly that I miss my father and older brother, and wish they could be here to share this with me and Ann in person.

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