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J Philip Faranda June 8, 2011

Ossining Patch

Ossining/Croton on Hudson Patch just started here June 1 and I have been asked to contribute to the blogs. I was happy to oblige. I am gratified that two of the top 5 posts are my own contributions and I hope to continue the trend. 

Ossining and Croton are two communities that are near and dear to my heart. Having grown up in Ossining, I spent a ton of my youth in Croton, between friends, scouts, and church youth group. Just this morning I had breakfast with a client at the famed Croton Colonial diner, a haunt I (and thousand of others) have known since high school. 

Both communities are rivertowns, right on the beautiful Hudson, and as such they have some common traits- they are popular MTA Hudson Line commuting points, they have tons of charming pre-war homes, and both communities are tight knit, civic -minded and proud. 

If I have one weakness in my blogging focus it is the hyperlocal. I indulge in lots of commentary on real estate, my experiences and insights, but I could do a better job of selling my area. I hope that with this new project that it will be the impetus for expanding my repertoire. 

If you are unfamiliar with Patch, it is an AOL-owned local online community, and it solicits the opinions and voices of the local. I think of it as like the evolution of the old community newspaper retrofitted for the online platform. If you have it in your area, check it out. 



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