My Clients are Celebrities!

J Philip Faranda February 11, 2011

Beautiful Peekskill Home -sold by J PhilipAbout three weeks ago I wrote a rather forgettable blog post about what $335,000 will buy you in Peekskill, New York. I really like to post these sorts of pieces because they are informative and sneakily self promotional (and I kind of lack any shame about promoting myself), but I have to admit that they aren't exactly cutting edge commentary. 

Not long after the post went live I got a call from a reporter working on a story on Westchester real estate, and I put her in touch with my clients to help with the story. The report was published in today's New York Post, and my clients were front and center with two photos and a healthy-sized quote

I love that. This has to be the 6th or 7th time I've gotten a client into the media, and I have to say that it I something I relish. Not everyone wants to discuss their home purchase with a reporter, but my clients saw the big picture (they started the local dog park, after all) and the opportunity to sell their community. They capitalized. 

I was quoted at the end of the piece also, and a reference was also made to my blog, which I believe was how the reporter found me to begin with. It is a nice feeling to know my efforts can occasionally yield these kind of results. I remain very bullish on Peekskill, by the way. Lots of great housing in this wonderful community on the banks of the Hudson. 


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