Little Blessings (twitch), Little Blessings…

J Philip Faranda June 29, 2011

I love naps. There are some periods of the market cycle that don't appear for everyone. For example, if you're in Florida, you don't blog about the time of year when the ground gets frozen and you have to break out the hammer and chisel to install a yard sign. This week is also an annual milestone for us, as school is over and camp has yet to begin, leaving us with 10 consecutive days of our 4 kids at home while we are in the busier time of the market. 


If you don't know, Ann and I have 4 little ones, aged 4, 6, 7 and 8. Three boys and a girl. Camp starts Tuesday, and school was over last Friday. We are quite busy this time of year, but we adapt because I can work from home quite a bit and we rotate some so the kids are occupied and engaged with productive activities while we still get things done. Yesterday, we went out for ice cream but multi tasked and installed a lockbox on a vacant listing. Ice cream came after, so if you ever show one of my listings and there are sprinkles on the key, don't blame me. 

Last day of schoolIt is work, and quite a bit of it at times, but we are also cognizant that time flies, and every moment with them is one we will never get back. Truthfully, I am in awe of my kids. For example, they made a mess in the master bath yesterday that defied Newtonian Physics. I'd ask them how, but I prefer that some of life remain a mystery. 

So what's the real estate angle? Right here: Your agent, whoever they are, is a flesh and blood human being just like you. Unless they are a clone, they have a family and a life of their own, along with headaches, logistical challenges, and they can (and this may sound nuts, but it's true) get tired. Isn't that crazy? Your agent isn't a robot! They may not be able to get that listing or answer for you in 5 minutes! As for me, I may still answer the phone, but I would ask that you ignore the background noise. It may be noise, but it is my reason for working so hard. 

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