J. Philip Faranda in the Media

A complete list of media appearances, quotes in the mainstream media, and stories featuring me is difficult if not impossible. Some online links are no longer active, some pieces never went beyond print, and still other featured our clients alone. However, the list we are compiling will be as exhaustive as possible.

January 2018

Realtor: ‘Mansion tax’ hurting real estate market, local economy

January 2017

The Real Estate Influencers of 2017

March 2013:

Why Redfin, Zillow, and Trulia Haven’t Killed Off Real Estate Brokers

July 2012:

Realtor Gets Prestigious Invitation
I Love My Real Estate Broker
Shadow REO: 90% of foreclosures kept off market

June 2012

Zillow Announces Agent Advisory Board
Is Buying Foreclosures now Sexy? 

February 2011

A For Sale Sign with Brains

October 2009

The Real Estate of Mad Men

May 2009

ABC World News feature