I Hope I Blow it 100 Times More This Year!

J Philip Faranda January 20, 2012

Empire Access MLSTonight was the installation party for the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors. Executives and directors of both HGAR and the Empire Access MLS (EAMLS) were sworn in for 2012, along with drinks, dinner and dancing. This will be my 3rd term as MLS Vice president, and it doubled as date night for me and Ann. 

One of my agents took the initiative to attend, and being a newer agent, she took it all in with great interest. It was a chance to be in a social atmosphere, but of course the chat always veers toward business. Barbara, my agent, brought up a deal she is about to have clients sign contracts for on a condo worth over $700,000. Even in Westchester, that is pretty good, and I told her so. 

She kidded me "You blew it by giving me those buyers!" and we had a giggle about that. I explained that I actually didn't blow it- she made the sale. Had I taken it myself, not only would I parhaps not make the sale, but it would take me away from running the company. 99% of buyers are given to the agents like her, and my efforts have to be more toward listings and overseeing our growing team of 25 agents. That is how we are building the company.

If I were to cherry pick high dollar buyers and throw the scraps to the team, I'd lose. Not only would it sow discontent with the team, it would take my eyes off the ball and the plan which has enabled us to progress these past few years. When I am running around with one buyer, I am being an agent. I have to be a broker and get more buyers to my agents- not keep them for myself. When my team wins, I win. I remember my first boss out of college in another industry telling me "Rich people cash big checks, truly wealthy people write them." I never  forgot that. 

If she keeps getting accepted offers like this one, I am only too happy to blow it more often. 

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