“I Have a Referral For You.”

J Philip Faranda February 22, 2010

I got a message yesterday from a client whose home I sold early last year. He told me he had a referral for me on a voice mail message, and I called him back as soon as I got back to my office. It sounded promising, and he seemed excited. I love referrals from past clients, and I was not surprised to hear back from this guy. Like many files from that period, it was an experience of high drama at times, but we kept it together and closed. 

I reached him and it was not a real estate referral; he was pitching me on joining him in a network marketing operation that is making the rounds in our area. His phraseology was very Clintonesque- when we closed on his house he promised he'd keep me abreast of opportunities.


I don't want to alienate a client, but I can't do a sideline business, especially where I'd solicit my book of clients. I was mildly disappointed at the non-referral, but declined his invite as warmly and politely as I could. I am getting well practiced at this; I get recruited for real estate and multi-level marketing with relative frequency, but this is the first time it happened with a client.

I don't blame the guy for trying, nor do I feel decieved. These things take people who are very inexperienced at sponsoring others and send them out bird dogging with no training and little support outside of their meetings. I hope he makes lots of money, and if he does, I'll sell him some investment properties.

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