Hmart has Arrived in Westchester -at Long Last!

J Philip Faranda March 6, 2012

You may have never heard of Hmart. So I'll tell you why Ann and I are excited. Hmart is an awesome Korean supermarket chain that we  occasionally drive to Queens or New Jersey to patronize because their food (and prices) are so good. There aren't many options for Korean food in Westchester, so if Ann has a craving for kimchi or tofu, or w want to get some Choco-pies or Deok (a yummy ricecake), we either go without or make a trip of it. When you are self employed, the trip may not fit in. Well, at the end of the month, all that will change. Hmart is opening their newest store right in our backyard in Hartsdale at 371 Central Avenue. All those Korean delicacies, seafood, treats, and other fare will be a short, convenient drive away. We couldn't be happier. Ann grew up in Rego Park, Queens and Korean food was always a short walk away (along with anything else-it's New York!). Moving to Westchester meant that Korean food was no longer a walk- it was now a planned trip. That was just the way it was. We had a daydream that they'd open an Asian grocery nearby, but an Hmart in Hartsdale was really a pipe dream. Not anymore! I can guarantee you we'll be there opening day. Awesome, well priced produce, seafood, noodles, kimchi, spices, tofu, you name it, it will be Heaven.

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