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J Philip Faranda February 26, 2010

Upon occasion, we get calls from people that see an ad or sign but they don't know the address of the house. They can give a color or a landmark, but the ad ID number wasn't written down. What then follows is an excercise in forensics and trianglulation which can take away from more pressing matters. In rare occasions, we get a wiseguy to say some version of "how can you not know the house? It's your listing." Some of those people are serious.

This is especially problematic with an ad, but rather than complain, I'll offer this advice to the buying public: if you see a house in person or online, write down the address, MLS ID or any other identifying feature of the home so that the person answering your call or email can get you better information faster. It isn't easy to do when driving, but if you can write the phone number of the yard sign down, just takle another moment to write the address or description down. Online ads are easier, because they usually have the address and MLS number.

Help us help you! The more information you have about what house you are inquring about the better we can help you. Moreover, anyone who calls our company to get a price or description is not given the cat-and -mouse give us your life story in exchange for the details. We know that if we give value, people will use us.

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