Hard Decision? No, Not Really.

J Philip Faranda December 19, 2011

Today was a first since I started my brokerage in mid 2005. I did something that I actually think more brokers and managers should do on occasion. 

I informed an agent that they would no longer be with our company. I fired someone. 

I'd love to say that it was difficult or that I was conflicted about the cut, but I was not. It was absolutely the right move, the company is better for it, and I haven't scintilla of a doubt about my decision. Frankly, I am glad I terminated the person before they did something that would harm the reputation of the company or, worse, harmed the best interests of a client.

Back in October, I wrote a post entitled How Salespeople Can Prevent Their Broker From Premature Gray HairI undertook that one because one of our part-time agents was, inexplicably and for reasons I'll never understand, unresponsive about fixing a relatively benign issue. If you ignore that small minor toothache it eventually becomes an abscess. And that is what happened.

The details are unimportant. What is important is that our firm has standards, and when Ann observed that we could never sleep at night if this person pulled this stunt on a client instead of with us, I knew I had to act. So I did.  Every opportunity was extended to make things right; it was to no avail. We are now a 25-member firm instead of 26. And I am completely at peace with that.  I have dealt with brokers and managers who demurred taking decisive action when their agent did something incredibly crappy. It's like they could never part with anyone who brought in a dollar, like you can't find someone to replace them who is better.  I will never be that milquetoast. 

I love growing my company and my brand. But only with good solid people. I'll never sell out. I'd never hire or retain someone just for numbers, or, worse, just for money. Anyone who doesn't share our values can do so from afar, but never under my roof. I am glad I did what had to be done before this person could let a client down. 


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