Hammering and Chiseling to Prosperity

J Philip Faranda February 7, 2010

It happens once every year in New York real estate. I'm not talking about baseball Spring Training, Groundhog Day, or my son's birthday. This is hammer time, courtesy of the winter frost line in the ground. In case you are wondering, this is the time of year that I have to break out the sledge hammer and cold chisel in order to put my yard signs in the ground. Unlike December, when the ground is still soft enough to put signs in without tools, this time of year I need a hammer and chisel to pierce Mother Earth to install my sign. 

Hammer and Cold Chisel

Just today I bought a new cold chisel at Home Depot. It is a 1 inch, alloy steel chisel that is as cold as a freshly shaken martini to the touch. The cap and foam sleeve will be gone, and I'll be out in a few front yards the next few days working out some therapy with my sledge hammer on that little bugger. I'll have two neat holes to set my signs into, and, just like that, I'll have overcome the frost line's challenge to making my living. There is something deliciously lucrative about that steel on steel impact in 20 degree weather. 

I know this is probably a foreign thing to my condo or warm blooded colleagues, but those of you who know the change of seasons know what I mean. It is that time of year again in New York real estate. Happy hammering! 

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