Floods in Westchester County

J Philip Faranda March 12, 2011

We had some massive flooding yesterday all over the county, closing most of the main highways, such as the Saw Mill Parkways and 9A. It was probably a mix of the thaw upstate along with torrential rtains the past few days. I snapped an amazing video of a parking lot in Hawthorne that looked more like a fast moving river, and some other spectacles. Getting anywhere south of I-287 was nearly impossible. 

These are some photos of VE Macy Park in Ardsley, NY which is alongside the Saw Mill River. The park is a big grass field with a soccer playing field on one end. Yesterday it was a pond. 

VE Macy park in Ardsley Flooded Water reached the top of the slide!

VE Macy park in Ardsley Flooded

The picnic tables these guys are standing on were actually floating. 

VE Macy park in Ardsley Flooded

9A was closed as well. I got a ticket for taking this photo! Can you guess why? 

Westchester County Flood 2011

Here is the video of the Garden Center's parking lot in Hawthorne being overrun by the flood waters:

Don't mess with Mother Nature. 

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