Fireworks on the Historic Hudson

J Philip Faranda July 2, 2011

Fireworks on the Ossining WaterfrontThey did a fireworks show on the Hudson River this evening right on the Ossining, NY waterfront. The kids lobbied hard to go, and even though I was kind of tired and we can sort of see it from our upstairs rear window, I gave in. Up close was much better. I'm glad we went. 

There is something really cool about watching Independence Day fireworks on the historic Hudson River from a vantage by Sing Sing Prison, which dates to when the country was young. This video captures the finale of the show, and my kids' reaction. After the fireworks were over, you could hear car alarms all over town. They were that powerful. 

I never published any schedule for fireworks this year, so I thought I'd bring them to you! 

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