Chestnut Mountain

J Philip Faranda March 10, 2011

I'm not the biggest fan of attending appraisals, but sometimes I have to make the best of it when so conscripted. Today was one of those days, and prior to meeting the appraisor I ducked into the office of the listing brokerage to say hello to the broker and recharge my lockbox smart card. After hugs and card updating, I pulled up to the house 15 minutes early to see the appraiser there, also early. 

I like that. 

We recognized each other from a prior inspection, and he and I proceeded to enter the house and get started. 

Upon opening the door, I was surprised to hear someone home- it was the owner, who was expecting us. Had I known she'd be home I would have knocked, but she was fine- no worries there. Right next to her, and probably no small reason for her being at such ease, was a chestnut colored mountain with floppy ears: a gigantic mastiff. He had to be 120 pounds. I immediately forgot I was at an appraisal and started making friends with the big pooch. You don't see a Mastiff every day. And this one was a big mush. 

I'm a dog guy, and I love big dogs like this one. He was a gentle giant, and it was a welcome departure from business as usual. Every so often you get a nice change of pace, and this was the only appraisal I have ever been on since 1996 that I can honestly say was too short. 

Big Mastiff Big Mastiff

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