Blowing Hot Air & Getting Fed For It

J Philip Faranda February 11, 2011

Will speak for PastaI used to joke that if you needed my advice or to borrow money from me that you were doomed. That may still be so; we'll have to see. One place to look on the advice side is Keller Williams Realty Group in Scarsdale, NY where team leader and Active Rainer Jennifer Maher took a chance on having me give a presentation to her office on creating an online presence.

We had a very good multi media session in their training room on social media, blogging, and online tools that went about an hour in change with a very enoyable, engaged group soaking up my, um, wisdom. We had a lot of laughs and covered quite a bit of what I consider valuable material on integrating a strong online presence for one's real estate practice, including Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and even leveraging big sites such as Zillow and Trulia.

Questions and answers followed, and after that Ms Maher, super agent Luis Fernandez and OP Jamal Hadi had a delicious lunch, which was my yummy recompense for sharing my, um, wisdom.

I enjoyed myself. Also present was Michael Brown, whom I closed a deal with in Ossining recently. I have to say that is gives me a smile to walk into a group of colleagues and see someone I am doing a deal with or have had a closing with recently.  Michael was front and center and participated. 

You might ask why I would give a presentation to a comepting office on what I do to attract business. I'll tell you: Lunch- I mean, it is important to me that we as colleagues raise the bar together. Anyone who has ever picked up a listing sheet and frowned when they saw the listing agent knows what I mean. In our business, we cooperate with our competition ("coopatition").  Building bridges, helping those with whom I am likely to close a deal with down the road, and being generous of spirit pay dividends.

And I also like Italian food. Did I say that out loud? 

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