An “Out of the Box” Open House Idea

J Philip Faranda October 23, 2009

I have a listing that is a "mystery." Nice house, aggressive price, well exposed location, and no deal. We've had two offers, but neither went together. One factoid: I get more lawn sign calls on this property than any other. What to do? 

Hold an open house? Are you crazy? I HATE open houses.

An open house on a weekday afternoon? Are you nuts?

Well, I guess I'm nuts. Given the close proximity to a local school which dismisses at 3pm and the nice weather, mortgage broker Trevor Curran (who came up with the idea) and I held 180 Weyman Avenue, New Rochelle, open from 2:30-4pm yesterday. No print ads, just web-driven stuff.

The tally? 4 visitors, one of whom has already scheduled to meet with the mortgage broker for a formal pre approval. Every one of them told me they had been watching the house and waiting for an open. Every one of them complimented the house, as it is very nice

Go figure. So we'll do it again next week.

180 Weyman New Rochelle

 180 Weyman Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10805. $449,900, 3 BR, 1.5 Baths

OPEN HOUSE Thursday, October 29, 2:30pm-4pm



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