374 Quaker Rd, Chappaqua Walking Tour

J Philip Faranda February 20, 2011

This is the walking tour I filmed today while the New York Times photographer took pictures.  This is not glitzy, but it does give answers and a good feel for the home. After the tour was uploaded, I printed fact sheets that included a QR code linking to the walking tour for people that drive by. 

I believe that video will be taking a more prominent role in the sale of real estate going forward, and that walking tours like this are more desirable than virtual tours. There is nothing "virtual" about this. You are seeing the home from my eyes. Overall, it takes less than 15 minutes to take the video, upload it, and print brochures up with the QR code to the video that people can access as soon as they pull their car over and scan the code. This is more than a talking house, this is a walk through the house and puts people inside the door without ever leaving their car or calling an agent. 


I have another far longer video showing the "behind the scenes." I'll upload that another time when I post about my experience with the reporter, the interview, and the photo session. I hope that the NY Times exposure will help sell the listing! 

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